AJ Martignette

Research Assistant

  • B.S in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University

While attending Roger Williams University AJ spent a semester studying abroad in Bermuda, at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. He returned to Bermuda after graduation to work as an intern in the Benthic Ecology Research Programme laboratory. The primary research he conducted there was assessing the effect of Bermuda’s marine protected areas on fish population dynamics. He also assisted with coral, seagrass, and algae research.

AJ Installing a RECON Weather Staion

Installing a RECON Weather Staion

AJ’s main area of focus is the RECON project. He has been responsible for the deployment, including the development of a custom mounting and retrieval system, of the RECON sensors. He is responsible for RECON data management.  He as also been able to expand the capacity of RECON with the by acquiring grant funding for additional sensors, such as the meteorological sensors.

AJ also maintains additional water quality instruments separate from RECON. He is the technology expert at the lab and designs most of the labs custom research equipment.


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